Product Guide

Automatic ventilation system

An easy way to open and shut plastic greenhouses!
Automatic opening and closing in a house is achieved cheaply!
The slide system curtain opening/closing mechanism.

Watering equipment and misting system installation

Watering made easy by automation!
It's used for vegetables, paddy rice raising seedlings and foliar application of a flowering plant.
The special quality was utilized to the full, the remarkable system that you could excel economically.

Remote monitor and report equipment

The green laboratory which allows for visualization of the greenhouse 
The operation and the data reading which are automatic ventilation system from the place left

Easy report

Carbonic acid gas producing device, Air-circulation fan and insect proofing

A crop is the equipment which supplies carbonic acid gas lacking to photosynthesize.
Distribution of temperature promotes photosynthesis and can save equalization of growing and fuel well.
The outstanding effect and reduction of labour are shown in sterilization work in a livestock barn.

Insect proofing and and so on

Insects are repelled by light!


Helps root development

Neo torikon

Helps the quality of the crop by improving soil quality

Automatic ventilation system

 Watering equipment

 Multipurpose misting equipment

Remote monitor and report equipment

Photosynthesis Promoting equipment 

Air-circulation fan


Sunlight panel