Store recruitment

The request job category The company which participates in agriculture and house gardening

* The handling condition The thing which can do installation construction (An outside order isn't minded.)
* The thing which can do electric construction (An outside order isn't minded.)
* Customer service take responsibility, and form.

※ Our technical staff will ask guidance of installation construction. The local training is also possible in our site.

A question by telephone is this.


Reception time :9:00-17:00 (except for the weekend shuku)

Please inquire any time.

Good consultation
  • What kind of company is St. Chur system?


Miya Ehiro line is here and is contributing to a local community with automatic switching arrangement other ones for plastic greenhouses and production of a machine for agriculture and material in Kunitomi-cho in 1982. I'm challenging the new sales form through the internet with a wide client as an overall plastic greenhouse store at present.
It'll be expected to add more goods added to customer's request from now on. A technical staff conversant with a plastic greenhouse is stationed, so if there is a thing which isn't understood, please make a contact any time.