Welcome to Suncool  

Since our foundation, Suncool System has continued to expand our operations by focusing on various automation systems that can be used with plastic greenhouses


Suncool System has developed a range of products that help improve agriculture production by reducing labor inputs and helping to increase yields and quality. These products offer the user a greater degree of farm management and flexibility.


At Suncool System we offer a range of products aimed at both small and large scale farming operations and can help you and your operation. Please, consult us and find out what we can do for you! 

Recommendation goods

green lab

It's also possible to watch and manage information in the house by smart phone and a PC at a going out destination.

Automatic ventilation system + green lab

Operation of automatic switching arrangement and data can be read by smart phone and a PC from a home and the place left.

Our feature

1, Rich experience and technical power

  Suncool System has over 25 years experience and our technology is always the latest to meet customer needs.

We keep evolving everyday!

2. We know and look after our area!

 We are quick to respond to our customers be it through telephone correspondence or having repair persons available promptly.

We are devoted to our base in Fukuoka, Kagoshima and Miyazaki.


Automatic ventilation system

 Watering equipment

 Multipurpose misting equipment

Remote monitor and report equipment

Photosynthesis Promoting equipment 

Air-circulation fan


Sunlight panel