Green lab

The green laboratory which allows for visualization of the greenhouse 


The environment in the plastic greenhouse is so delicate that a minor change in the sunlight and temperature can have a drastic effect on the greenhouse’s temperature and humidity levels. Agricultural products benefit from growing in a stable environment and for this to happen accurate data is required about the state of the environment in the greenhouse.

The “Green laboratory” allows for accurate information about the temperature in the house, relative humidity, condensation , saturated water vapor, vapor-pressure deficit  and the measurement of the direction of the wind, wind velocity and CO2 density. This is all displayed in an easy to see interface that allows the farmer to visualize what is happening in the greenhouse. The farmer can use this information and the farmer’s own experience to make for a stable environment that can increase yields and efficiency.

Experience the green lab first hand.

The green lab can be trailed at our Miyazaki showroom where we have a system set up and operating. If this is not possible we also have a virtual demonstration using the link below. (This is a trial version and the instructions are all in Japanese only)

The catalog and instruction manual are in Japanese only.

Crossing gate control board Valley + shoulder + side control A name Toya shoulder side.
Medium side + my wife Control My wife inside the name.

The catalog and instruction manual are in Japanese only.